Innotech Alberta International Quality Assurance Exchange Program

International Quality Assurance Exchange Program Participant Guide

Section 1 - Registration   Click here to register

Section 1.1 – Application
First time laboratories are required to submit logistical information such as mailing and shipping addresses. Participation may commence at any time throughout the year. Registration is then maintained on a yearly basis with renewals being sent in October. Laboratories pay a fee based on the number of test samples they choose to receive throughout the year. Participants may report on as many test parameters as they are capable of performing. There is no cost difference for reporting on one of or all the test parameters listed for a test sample. Registration fees include the cost of shipping within Canada, and full access to website features including online data entry, report viewing and z-score charting. The registration form details the cost of participation, frequency of distribution and requested parameters for each test sample.

Section 1.2 – Lab Codes
New participants will receive a numeric confidential lab code. The confidential lab code is used to identify the participant in summary and annual reports. The confidential lab code will remain the same as long as continuous participation occurs. The client can request to have the confidential lab code changed at the beginning of a calendar year. Knowledge of your confidential lab code should be limited to as few employees as possible.

Section 1.3 – Schedules
Test samples are distributed according to a schedule covering one calendar year. The schedule sets out test sample dispatch dates, closing dates and requested parameters. A new schedule is prepared and distributed in October for the next year. Click here for schedule.

Section 1.4 – Distributors
Participants of the program can supply their product for distribution. Product suppliers choose which product they would like to distribute and can assist in choosing the requested test parameters. Product suppliers receive a wealth of valuable consensus data from numerous participating laboratories. The products supplied can then be used as consensus value check standards.