Innotech Alberta International Quality Assurance Exchange Program

International Quality Assurance Exchange Program Overview

The International Quality Assurance Exchange Program (IQAEP) is an interlaboratory proficiency testing program consisting of a series of petroleum related tests, frequent exchanges of a wide range of energy products and rapid report turnaround times. Proficiency testing is a valuable tool to evaluate laboratory performance; providing an objective means to monitor test methodology, personnel and reporting procedures. Accreditation bodies use proficiency testing as part of the assessment of a laboratory’s ability to perform tests competently.

How it Works

1. Homogeneous samples are packaged and distributed to participants.
2. Samples are analyzed by participants using specified test methods.
3. Results are returned via online data entry.
4. Results are compiled, statistically analyzed and graphed.
5. A detailed, confidentially coded report is posted online within one week of the close date.
6. Annual statistical evaluation of participant performance is posted online each calendar year.

ISO/IEC 17043
Testing Provider
Scope of accreditation


Product And Frequencies

Aviation Gasoline
100 LL
2 per year
Aviation Turbine
Jet A1
8 per year
Diesel Fuel
ULSD, B5 Blended
7 per year
Fuel Oil
Type 2
7 per year
Motor Gasoline
Regular, Premium, RBOB, Ethanol Blended
12 per year
Propane, Butane, Mixtures
6 per year

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